Course Gløshaugen: A practical introduction to citation and reference management in Latex.

Anyone who is interested in citation in Latex, and has a basic understanding of working with Latex.

This course is held in English

Learning Outcome:

Latex is a powerful tool to produce high quality documents, but sometimes, citations can be difficult to handle. This course aims to give a practical introduction to citation in Latex, mainly focused at BibTeX/BibLaTeX. The citation process from article to citation, and citation management will be discussed.

Additional information:
The course uses, which NTNU has a site license to, and it is not necessary to have Latex on the computer. One can also use other Latex versions. 


Date and time: 20th September,  9.15-11.
Place: Main building, 4th floor, room 412.

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Tidspunkt/Time of day: 09.15 - 11.00

Sted/Location: H412

Påmeldingsfrist/Registration deadline: 18.09.17