Information retrieval course with EndNote for international master students at Gløshaugen

Be a more effective and clever scientific litterature searcher, learn to build up your local reference database, write your scientific publications and automatically make reference lists

We arrange 2-hour Information Retrieval Course with the reference handling tool Endnote for International master students within engineering, technology and economy (IV, IE and ØK)

We will present The NTNU University Library Web with all electronic services available for you, and how to do searches in different subject relevant databases to find relevant and qualified scientific information for your topics:

  • Oria - our  library holding system - together with scientific articles, reports, proceedings etc. - how to use, how to order loans and copies
  • Subject relevant databases with scientific material (Abstract databases referring to journal articles, conference papers, scientific reports, patents, standards etc.
  • Full text E-resources (Journals, Books, Dissertations, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Patents, Standards etc)
  • How to build good searches and find relevant scientific information
  • Scientific evaluation indicators (reviewing, referee, impact factor, h-index)
  • Internet search engines (Google Scholar/Google Books)
  • The reference harvesting tool EndNote - how to build your own database for scientific references and writeyour report and produce reference listes
  • For LaTex users: How to convert your EndNote library to BibTex format

You can bring your own laptop


Roar Storleer
MSc./Senior Research Librarian
Course responsible
Phone (735)95123

Meld deg på / Registration


Tidspunkt/Time of day: 09:15 - 11:00

Sted/Location: room HB412, Main Building, GLØSHAUGEN

Påmeldingsfrist/Registration deadline: 19.09.17